Illustrations, Eagle Mascot & Storytelling (Day 3 & 4)

Wednesday-Thursday April 1, 21  2015

Day 3:

upcloseillustratingwolfWe learned how to complete the paper art illustration. During snacktime Kristina explained how to use the beautiful paper art created the day before. First, she shared how to carefully trace the shapes on the prepared illustration board, then take the tracing and place on top of the paper art, followed by cutting and pasting to the board.

Colorful markers, crayons and colored pencils were used to fill in the smaller shapes and decorate the outside of his/her totem design. Children and adults were all amazed with the final results! Please see the slideshow below for a creative visual.

Day 4:


Our final afternoon together started off talking about the Superhero Eagle Mascot illustration Kristina will be creating, using leftover paper art, and children’s ideas as art directors. Each child was given a chance to give his/her creative input. Lauren Lee wrote categories on a board, while teacher volunteers helped to guide the children. Some ideas were very silly while most were realistic, compassionate and exciting. For example: spreading joy everywhere, holding and caring fragile creatures and being kind. The results of co-creating were superb and Kristina now has the tools she needs to create!

johnleestorytellingThe last exercise of the day began with John Lee leading the children on how to create a story around his/her new totem illustration. He reminded the children about the meanings of totems that he had shared on the first day.

smartdeerartistStory example:

Smart Deer

Once upon a time there was a Smart Deer. She lived in a beautiful evergreen forest where she had many friendships and peace. Until one day she heard a loud crash and so did her friends. All the animals looked to Smart Deer as their leader. The animals asked her to please go and see what the crash was. Smart Deer agreed. She was sad because she already knew what it was. The people were starting to cut down the forest trees. This frightened Smart Deer. She went further to the mountain where she could see big machines cutting and destroying their habitat.

Afraid but brave, Smart Deer looked at the men and said, “Stop! You are destroying the forest home.” One man said, “We will do whatever we want! But Smart Deer pleaded, “You can’t. We will die.” The man said, “You can’t stop us!” Smart Deer ran into the forest to tell her friends the terrible news. With a gloomy face she said, “We must move.” The animals cried, “We can’t give up now! We need to make a plan.” The rabbit thought of an idea. “We can jam the machines with twigs and hide the tools!” Smart Deer thought that was a good idea. All the animals agreed.

That night the forest friends began to set up a plan. Carefully the animals placed twigs in the machine wheels and hide all the tools in burrows, trees and caves. Smart Deer realized this was not going to work because the men could bring new tools and fix the machines. So she came up with a new idea. She said, “What if we send the men on a raft made of twigs down the river back to the main land?”

The other animals agreed this idea would work. When the men were sleeping the animals all helped and put them on the backs of Smart Deer’s friends. One by one the men were placed on the raft while still sleeping. Smart Deer and her friends watched as the raft drifted off into the night and back to the main land never to be seen again.

Peace returned to the evergreen forest and the animals lived happily ever after…or will they?

Kristina will be assembling a Kids Share Newtown Totem book. Everyone will be able to enjoy reading the stories online or can purchase a beautifully bound book from the Kids Share Amazon store.

storytellingbearkristina2While saying goodbye Kristina thanked the children for all the wonderful creative work they did with everyone and the volunteers for the tremendous support. She also reminded everyone that she will be returning in less than two months to present the co-created, Superhero Eagle, Mascot illustration.

Please see the slideshow below for a creative visual. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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