Creating Totems, Names & Paper Art (Day 1 & 2)

kidssharegirlshirtsMonday-Tuesday March 30, 31  2015

Day 1:

Kids Share Newtown Totems met in the school’s cafeteria for four afternoons of creative fun! 

After the introductions and nutritious snacktime, John Lee, board president shared a powerpoint presentation about North American totems, culture and meanings.

Next, children picked out his/her zodiac, totem creature templates based on his/her birthday month and day. Kristina and volunteers instructed the children how to trace and recreate his/her design. Lastly children gave his/her totems new names for example: Huggie Bear and Awesome Wolf .

kathyreading*We are grateful to Kathy,  fourth grade volunteer teacher who read to the children before pick up each afternoon.  Please see the slideshow below for a creative visual.




Day 2:

During snacktime Kristina explained carefully how to begin paper art painting. Children were carefully instructed in using acrylic house paint to create his/her designs. They participated in choosing colors to mix and were encourage to participate in printmaking with a friend. Kristina called this exercise, give your friend a hug. Each child created 5-10 designs which were shared the following day while making paper art illustrations.

Please see the slideshow below for a creative visual. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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