Volunteers & Directors

We are grateful for the compassion and talent our volunteers bring to Kids Share Workshops. Below are new volunteers who have enthusiastically joined our 2015 spring workshop in Newtown, CT.

maiwongphotoMai Wong (volunteer) and her children are returning two years later, after participating in our 2013 Kids Share Workshop. We are grateful to Mai for also volunteering as a snack fairy and sharing her enthusiasm about Kids Share.



Beth Hegarty (volunteer and board director) and her children are returning two years later to create with our new workshop team and friends.  During the past two years, Beth has been a dedicated volunteer and board member. We are grateful to Beth for her time, energy, and enthusiasm about Kids Share.  Many thanks to Beth for volunteering as a leader and snack fairy in the 2015 workshop.

Kate Montaguekatemontaguephoto  (photographer) is also a Ridgefield High School, Conn. alumni joining Kids Share for the first time. She will help document our new workshop as a professional photographer for this website. Thank you Kate for joining our team! Please click on Kate’s name to see her website. 

betsyingramphotoBetsy Ingram Gancarz (photographer) will be working with Kate on the documenting of our workshop process. Thank you Betsy for joining our team! Please click on Betsy’s name to see her website.



Kathy Chattoraj (volunteer artist) will join us for the first time to assist children in the creative process of illustrating. Thank you Kathy for joining our team! Please click on Kathy’s name to see her website.


brendaberta-e1382121889938Brenda Berta (volunteer, board director) hosted Kristina, Founder in the 2013 workshop, and now as a volunteer and snack fairy. She has also hosted and attended Kids Share Board meeting for the past two years. Please see Brenda’s biography below as a Kids Share board member.

kristenmarshallKristen Marshall (volunteer, board director) We are grateful to Kristen for storing many leftover art supplies for the past two years and attending Kids Share Board meetings.  Please see Kristen’s biography below as a Kids Share board member. 

Program Teachers 

lauren-and-johnJohn Lee (teacher, director)  will be sharing his extensive knowledge of the Native American and First Nation culture with the children, and directing a brief writing piece. John has been an active board president for the past two years. We are grateful to John for his vast knowledge of First Nation Arts & Culture, and his many years as an educator and administrator.

Lauren Lee (teacher, co-program director) is Kristina’s co-teaching pilot. Her many years of teaching experience as a middle school teacher and degree in curriculum education is invaluable to Kids Share Workshops. Lauren has dedicated many hours of curriculum development and writing/editing to Kids Share Workshops since February 2013.  She is also a dedicated board member.

1-diegokristinapaintingKristina Applegate (teacher, program director) will be encouraging her team to roll up their sleeves and have fun with the child. Kristina is the founding board member. “The connections we make with children and adults is profound. Our mission is to reprogram a child’s mind from a place of frustration, hurt and loss to a future of empowerment. This is obtained through our therapeutic art and literacy workshops, which are free to deserving communities.”-Kristina

Board of Directors

Please jump over to our main Kids Share Workshops website to read about our outstanding board of directors! Please contact us with questions, or inquire about becoming a member on our board by using the form below.


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