Kids Share Totems Visit Newtown

Artwork by: Huggie Bear

Welcome to our first paper art, totem workshop! We are excited to be getting ready for a new Workshop, March 30, 31, April 1, 2, 2015 held in western Connecticut. Following the workshop the artist in residence will return 1-2 months later with the co-created, art directed by children, Eagle Mascot illustration to be given to the school.  This will be our first workshop where we will not name the school or children’s first names. For example: Each child photographed and shared on this website will be called by their totem name, based on their zodiac totem sign.
Please join us on this exciting journey! Workshops are funded by; grants, foundations, donations, and fundraising merchandise. Thank you for your support. 

*Please enjoy this relaxing sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls as we transition into Springtime.

*Special note: The designs here are recreations from other artists interpretations of North American totem art. There are no copyrights on these designs. Our goal is to engage children in learning more about the North American arts and culture.

Artwork byHarmony SalmonHarmonySalmon

Your feedback means the world to us. Please write to us and share your thoughts. Kindly, The Kids Share Workshops Team

*The beautiful photographs on this website were taken by: KM Captured and Lil Bean Photography 


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