Eagle Mascot Illustration Presentation!

EagleHeart (large)Professionally Photographed by: Mitch Moraski

Dear Friends,

What an exciting morning with the Newtown Totems at school yesterday! Two months after our Kids Share Workshop in early April, Kristina went home with the children’s art direction ideas and a large stack of paper art to execute the illustration above. Paper art from previous workshops; Vermont, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica and 2013 Newtown workshop were used in this illustration as well. Not all elements can be included, but the most popular ones were. Children had the opportunity to ask questions and make comments about the co-created illustration.

Each child wrote a paragraph or more about their totem animal. During our presentation five children had the opportunity to read their stories to everyone. Soon, Kristina will assemble a book for everyone to enjoy, and have fond memories of our creative team work.

The principal at the school, who attended as well, told Kristina that they are very proud to have this piece to display at the school, especially since the children had a hand in its creation. He also mentioned, what a successful workshop this had been, and was impressed with the stories that the children had written.

Kristina and her Kids Share volunteer team hope to move up the the Intermediate and Middle Schools in the fall of 2015. Many of the fourth graders who had participated as second graders in the 2013 Newtown Kids Share Workshops, will hopefully join Kids Share again for more creative fun.

Stay tuned!

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*Our excellent photographer was Mai Wong, parent and volunteer. Thank you Mai! 


Young Art Directors Gives Inspiration to Eagle Mascot Illustration!

Here is the working comp that was created from the sketch.

Here is the working comp that was created from the sketch.

Inspired by the Newtown Totems young art directors, Kristina is working hard in the creation of their new Eagle Mascot. The final step is papering in all the children’s paper art from the workshop. In June the final illustration will be presented and given to the school. Later it will be shared on this website. Additionally, a book will be created of the children’s animal totem illustration stories.

“Without the children’s art direction, I would not have been able to draw such an imaginative and amazing illustration! I am very impressed with these kids creative minds.”-Kristina Applegate, Founder

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A Special Thanks to Our Volunteers


Kids Share Workshops functions effectively with a team of compassionate volunteers. Adults from all backgrounds add richness to the workshop environment. Community teachers and administrators help tremendously in getting the word out about our afterschool program and encouraged to join us.

With sincere thanks to the following volunteers who made this workshop possible;

Lauren Lee for helping to construct, and edit the new Kids Share Curriculum, volunteer teaching as an educator, seasoned KSW teacher and board member.

John Lee for his passionate presentation, and teaching of the Native American culture, volunteer teaching as an administrator, and KSW board president.

Kathy Gramolini seasoned fourth grade teacher volunteer, and excellent storytime reader who masterfully kept the children focused.

Tim Napolitano, principal who coordinated with Kristina, opened his school, facilitated the space, and connections to help make Kids Share Newtown Totems a reality.

Mai  Wong parent volunteer who arrived before others to help set up, and baked outstanding treats as a snack fairy.

Beth Hegarty parent volunteer, KSW board member, who also arrived early to help set up, brought humorous wit, snack fairy, and ensuring children stayed focused with her eagle vision, and helped to donate the leftover KSW paint to Resiliency Center of Newtown.

Kristen Marshall parent volunteer, KSW board member, snack fairy, who graciously stored KSW material in her barn for two years.

Brenda Berta KSW board member, snack fairy, volunteer teacher, and excellent at connecting others with her savvy business sense.

Kate Montague new KSW photographer with an excellent eye for canine and children portraiture who brought chocolate Easter bunnies for all the children, and connected us with, Betsy Ingram Gancarz new KSW photographer excellent eye for capturing children’s expressions and intimate moments.

Kathy Chattoraj is new to KSW as a volunteer she is a professional artist and teacher for Pinot’s Palette in Stamford, CT.

Melissa and Mike Mathison kindly gave Kristina, founder excellent accommodations while teaching in Newtown.

Additional Thank You to: Parents who were snack fairies. We were all more than well fed and energized to create. Thank you school custodians for graciously allowing us to store our Kids Share material in your office, assisting with the elevator, clean up and cart needs.

Kids Share Totems Visit Newtown

Artwork by: Huggie Bear

Welcome to our first paper art, totem workshop! We are excited to be getting ready for a new Workshop, March 30, 31, April 1, 2, 2015 held in western Connecticut. Following the workshop the artist in residence will return 1-2 months later with the co-created, art directed by children, Eagle Mascot illustration to be given to the school.  This will be our first workshop where we will not name the school or children’s first names. For example: Each child photographed and shared on this website will be called by their totem name, based on their zodiac totem sign.
Please join us on this exciting journey! Workshops are funded by; grants, foundations, donations, and fundraising merchandise. Thank you for your support. 

*Please enjoy this relaxing sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls as we transition into Springtime.

*Special note: The designs here are recreations from other artists interpretations of North American totem art. There are no copyrights on these designs. Our goal is to engage children in learning more about the North American arts and culture.

Artwork byHarmony SalmonHarmonySalmon

Your feedback means the world to us. Please write to us and share your thoughts. Kindly, The Kids Share Workshops Team

*The beautiful photographs on this website were taken by: KM Captured and Lil Bean Photography